Wto Japan Trade Agreement

The FTC has made considerable efforts to eliminate bid manipulation. Bid Rigging cases account for more than half of all complaints. Among these cases, the FTC filed complaints with the Attorney General`s office in the following two cases: (1) Tender for electrical plant contracts on behalf of the Japanese sewage treatment plant (1995) and (2) The supply handling of water meters ordered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (1997). In 1990, the FTC adopted an active charging policy to obtain criminal sanctions against offences that significantly limit competition in a given area of negotiation, such as price agreements, supply restrictions, agreements, market-sharing agreements, supply manipulation and boycott: some fish products are subject to import quotas , while leaving a number of unrelated tariffs. Monitoring of imports of cocoons and silk substances from Hong Kong and China remains in effect; Japan will submit to the new textile watchdog a programme to extinguish silk imports from the Republic of Korea. Monitoring is also in effect for some other products, including tuna, marlin, algae, CITES-controlled species and certain types of coal. The national trade in salt, tobacco products (although the trade in raw tobacco has been liberalized), industrial alcohol and opium is still active. The only remaining import cartel is imports of products from China. Japan and the EU meet regularly at different levels and exchange views on the economic situation, as well as on bilateral trade and investment issues. If necessary, sectoral consultations were held to address specific issues. All the results of these consultations were applied on the basis of the MFN.

Such a cooperative approach, based on intensive dialogue, has helped to provide some positive trends, such as the improvement of the trade imbalance between Japan and the EU in recent years and the undisputed settlement of various bilateral trade disputes. Japan and the EU also have the valuable practice of objective analysis through the joint analysis of statistics or other objective data in the context of the EU-Japan expert meeting on trade statistics and the EU-Japan expert dialogue on distribution.

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