Wilson Security Enterprise Agreement

Registered agreements are valid until terminated or redeemed. If a workplace has a registered agreement, the premium does not apply. However, Australia`s largest security company, Wilson Security, has the money to pay a team of V8 supercars, but doesn`t pay fair wages to hard-working guards. It`s been almost 2 years since Wilson Guards in Victoria had an increase. The Fair Work Board can also assist employers and employees in trade negotiations through its New Approaches program. Learn more about the new approaches on the Fair Work Board website. In early 2018, Australia`s Federal Court heard a legal dispute between United Voice, the security forces` union, and Wilson, one of Australia`s largest security companies. The employment of Wilson employees and United Voice members was recognized with the 2010 Security Services Industry Award (“Security Award”). However, if overtime is worked within a week or in a list cycle of more than one week, the overtime may be moved to different locations during the period. This finding confirmed the allocation of overtime as implemented by Wilson. The Federal Supreme Court was called upon to rule on a single question: can overtime be paid on hours worked before the limit of normal working hours has been reached? She came to the conclusion that she could.

It`s not fair. It`s time for Wilson Security to stop using and paying for a flawed system so workers don`t have to compete with supercars for a fair wage. Stefan Russell-Uren is an Employment Law Specialist at Aulich Civil Law. . . . Employers considering the introduction of overtime assignment are well advised to seek independent legal advice from experienced business lawyers before implementing overtime assignment. If the distribution of overtime is implemented but not allowed by the industrial instrument, the Fair Work Act 2009 provides a great deal of leeway for disputes initiated by workers, trade unions or the Fair Work Ombudsman to claim wages and pensions that are otherwise due. Wilson set up a fixed rotating framework over the course of a decade.

The list called for 168 hours of work per four-week cycle. As part of this list, 16 additional hours have been allocated. Prior to October 2016, after crossing the 152-hour limit and during the last two shifts on the list, those hours were worked on Thursdays and Fridays. Wilson therefore paid 16 hours of overtime, as if the overtime had been done in the last two shifts. The rulings of the Federal Supreme Court create considerable flexibility for some employers in order to reduce labour costs through the distribution of overtime. It is likely, if not certain, that disputes will follow in highly unionized companies. This could include variations in bonuses and litigation to recover unpaid wages and duties. The guards aren`t asking for much – a new ABE with pay raises to cope with the rising cost of living and help their families move forward. It appears to be open to employers to move overtime to hours that would otherwise result in penalty interest.

This practice significantly reduces the overall cost of labour by removing penalties and reducing pension-paid premiums paid against the time these penalties are involved. In reaching this conclusion, Justice Tracey considered a number of cases that were heard by the Fair Work Commission (SWC), including those before the plenary of the CFC, which dealt with whether overtime could be transferred to a list for the benefit of employers. . . . Or they could do the right thing and pay their workers a fair wage. The scope of the Federal Supreme Court`s decision was based on the terms of the security award and limited to the assignment of overtime in the security sector. The decision did not establish a principle allowing overtime to be allocated in other contracts or industrial instruments. . Employers` liability for underpayment of wages may extend to human resources managers, accountants, business leaders and payroll companies if it is determined that they are involved in the violation of the industrial instrument.


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