The Intergovernmental Agreement On Federal Financial Relations

2.61 The Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) has proposed that another area requiring special attention is the interaction between the FFR IGA and the recently improved framework for the management of grant programs. [64] ANAO stated that under the legislation, “GGs” do not apply to national funding agreements. [65] THE ANAO considers that the exemption of these agreements from the GMCs could give rise to a number of inconsistencies, including: paragraph 1 of paragraph 9 provides that the Minister may decide that the granting of general financial assistance should be paid to a state. This amount will be allocated to the COAG Reform Fund [para. 9.2)) (a)] The Tax Commissioner estimates GST revenues for one fiscal year and payments are based on this estimate. If the actual revenues are known, an adjustment is made in the next fiscal year to ensure that each state receives its correct right. (n) publish performance data and provide a comparative analysis of governments` performance in achieving the objectives of the agreement, including highlighting relevant contextual differences between legal systems; Section 19 authorizes the Minister to set the amounts and periods for the payment of grants by a written finding. 2.51 Professor Anne Twomey told the Committee that the proliferation of funding agreements under NPNs had seriously jeopardized new reforms and paved the way for the re-emergence of problems related to the old system. [48] In its written presentation of the inquiry, the Business Council of Australia (BCA) summarized the concerns expressed by many witnesses about this dissemination and highlighted the return of Commonwealth control over the system and the resulting loss of state and territory flexibility. [49] 4. Financial assistance to a state in accordance with this section is subject to the additional conditions (if they exist) under the designated housing agreement.

Paragraph 10, paragraph 1, stipulates that financial assistance to health care must be provided for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2009 and for subsequent years. 19………. The Minister can set the amounts and time frames for the grant.24 In addition, the roles and responsibilities of each party as well as areas of shared responsibility are defined. Overall, these are no different from previous health agreements. 2.37 According to the Victorian government, the IGA FFR offers a solution because it recognizes and facilitates the role of states and territories in the federal system: according to COAG Communiqu, this agreement constitutes a historic package of reforms, but it has not been adopted by all parties concerned. [65] WADA argued that the agreement was somewhat thin and would not be consistent with the current pressure on the health care system. [66] The Australian Hospitals and Healthcare Association expressed disappointment that the indexation rate was not higher, but welcomed the overall objectives of the agreement. [67] State and territorial governments were seeking an indexation payment of nine per cent, appearing to have accepted the agreement in its current form. [68] [93].

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