Tamuct Consortium Agreement

Office of Student FinancialFinancial Aid Consortium AgrelyTarleton State University and Temple CollegeThe Financial Consortium Agrement between Tarleton State University and Temple College (TC) is intended to help students who enroll at Tarleton State University or Texas A-M University in less than 12 semesters. Once the agreement is processed, we can accept semi-annual credit hours at TC to meet the registration requirements for grants toTAMUCT. Terms of the Consortium consortium consortiumTarleton State University is the original institution for the processing and payment of grants. Temple The university is the host institution and cannot provide financial support for the semester defined in the Finance AidConsortium accord. Preconditions You must be a student at TAMUCT. You must be registered with TAMUCT in at least 3 credit semesters. You must be registered with TC in at least 3 credit semesters. Your TC credit hours must be taken into account until the end of your TAMUCT degree. Their TC credit hours must coincide with the academic semester at TAMUCT (i.e., fall credit hours must start and end in August and December and spring credit hours begin and end in January and May. How they conclude the Financial Aid Consortium Agrement Process1. Sign up for your required TC courses, as defined in your TAMUCT curriculum, and meet payment terms with Temple College. For more information on payment options, please contact the Temple College StudentAccounts Office at 254.298.8628.2.

Visit a TAMUCT Academic Advisor to finalize the section entitled “certification institution of origin” on page 1 of the Finance Aid Consortium accord. Councillors are in the founders` room. It is essential to bring a copy of your TCsemester cure plan.3. Visit the Temple College Financial Aid Office and ask for a Financial Aid to complete the “ Certification HostInstitution” and “To Be Completed By Support” on page 2 of the Financial Aid Consortium Agrement.4.

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