Salon Republic Lease Agreement

You are responsible for repairing damage to living room appliances or sanitary and electrical installations damaged by acts or omissions other than ordinary wear. It is agreed that not all holes, cracks, burns or stains of any size or quantity in the flooring, furniture, blinds, walls and/or devices constitute proper wear. Now that you own your living room, you can do things YOUR DO! You have total control over the culture and identity of your living room. An important step is to create the vision of your living room and really think about what your living room will offer and the experience you will offer that will set you apart. It`s about building a unique brand and a customer experience. Think about your target audience and why you want to visit your living room through someone else. What problems will you solve that will always bring your guests back? How do your guests want when they arrive and leave your studio? These terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policy, contain the full agreement you have with us regarding our website, content and other topics exposed to it, and replace any previous or inconsistent agreements that may apply to the purpose. If, for any reason, we believe that they may or may cause bodily or material damage (material or immaterial) by an act, omission or circumstances that could endanger or endanger a person`s health, well-being or safety, whether the rights of others are violated or abused, harasses or interferes with other users or persons, businesses or businesses, disrupt or circumvent our security protections or other protections that apply to our systems, networks and communication capabilities, violate or violate our terms and conditions or in violation of laws or regulations, we have the right to cumulatively reserve all other rights and remedies that are available to us by law. , in court and as part of this agreement with you. notify and inform all regulatory and law enforcement authorities and take all legally authorized measures. Our terms can only be changed by us as described above or by mutual written consent signed by an authorized representative of us. The illegality, disability or inapplicability of a clause or condition is separable and does not affect the rest of our conditions and an unenforceable part is interpreted as far as possible in accordance with current legislation. Securities serve only as a reference and do not affect the meaning of a term or condition.

Any provision that must be maintained so that we can impose its importance will survive the termination; However, you can bring more than one (1) year after the appearance of the plea (or, if there are several causes, from the date on which the first means of this type occurred), you may be brought by you more than one (1) year after the date of the appearance of the medium (or if several causes, from the date on which the first medium was formed). Years: You should rent a studio in picture rooms rather than rent a chair in a living room for the following reasons: (1) Our rental prices are about the same as a chair rental in a living room; (2) You have the keys to your own studio separate from the other studios, which avoids the drama of the living room and politics; (3) You will hear that no one but you will use the products you have purchased; (4) You can sell your own products and keep all the profits that can significantly increase your weekly income; (5) You have some flexibility in decorating your own studio. You acknowledge and accept that this agreement is not intended to create any relationship between you and Salon Republic, nor because of anything in this agreement, an employer-employee or a rental-tenant relationship.

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