Office Agreement Definition

The terms of the Enterprise Services Agreement and the Registered Office Agreement provide that either the trustee or the administrator of the trust may terminate such agreements as a result of certain specified events, including a breach by the other party of their obligations under those agreements. The concept of a lease agreement can relate to two types of leases. First, a lease agreement in which the asset is physical property. [3] Here, the user rents the property rented or leased by the owner (e.g.B. land or goods). (The verb Lease is less precise because it can refer to one of these actions.) [4] Examples of an intangible capital lease are the use of a computer program (similar to a licence, but with other provisions) or the use of radio spectrum (e.g. B a contract with a mobile operator). f. Taxes.

Prices are plus all taxes unless otherwise stated on the invoice, including taxes. You must pay all applicable taxes on value added, goods and services, turnover taxes, gross or other revenues, fees, fees, surcharges or surcharges to cover regulatory costs or equivalent amounts due under this Agreement and which we are entitled to collect from you under applicable law. You are responsible for all applicable stamp duty and any other taxes you are legally required to pay, including all taxes resulting from the distribution or provision of products to your related businesses. We are responsible for all taxes that are based on our net income, gross taxes levied instead of income or profit taxes, or taxes on our property. The last article, “25. .

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