Norway Iceland Agreement

The agreement aims to improve the surrender procedure for prosecuting or enforcing judgments between the Member States, on the one hand, and Norway and Iceland, on the other, taking into account as minimum standards the provisions of the Convention of 27 September 1996 on extradition between EU Member States. In accordance with the provisions of the Agreement, the Parties shall ensure that the extradition system is based on a surrender mechanism on the basis of an arrest warrant. An arrest warrant may be issued for acts punishable by imprisonment or a maximum term of imprisonment of 12 months under the law of the issuing State or, if a sentence or detention order has been imposed, by imprisonment for at least four months. 2. Instead of postponing surrender, the executing judicial authority may temporarily surrender the requested person to the issuing State under conditions to be defined by mutual agreement between the executing judicial authority and the issuing judicial authority. The agreement is in writing and the conditions are binding on all authorities of the issuing State….

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