Epiccare Link User Agreement

If you are a member of an organization that does not currently have an EpicCareLink account at Monument Health or requests access from several people, please contact us by email or phone at 605-755-8131, option 2, for more information. If your organization already has access to EpicCare Link, please continue. Only notification: Only non-applicable notifications, such as notification of your patient`s admission to the hospital. B will be sent to your EpicCare Link InBasket. All the elements that can be implemented. B A provider requesting a consultation or a patient requesting a reload are communicated by other methods such as telephone or fax. Please select one of the following notification settings (these settings have no influence on your access). None: You do not plan to use EpicCare Link for EVERY communication in the near future. You rely exclusively on communication through other methods, such as telephone or fax.

Full: All items that require attention, including objects or notifications to implement, are sent to your EpicCare Link InBasket. If you choose this option, you agree to respond at least twice a week to the workable requests that reach your InBasket. A confidentiality agreement must be completed as part of the online form. Download the form here, sign and download/join below. Then fill out the rest of the online form. You will receive an email with confirmation and details of your connection.

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