Cork County Council Tenancy Agreement

Cork County Council owns and manages over 7500 properties throughout the county. These houses can be located in properties of different sizes in towns and villages or only once in rural areas. Cork County Council has a duty of care to ensure that people can live in peace. In terms of property management, it is above all a question of making the settlements of the local authorities live in better places. There are territorial agents who deal with inheritance administration, anti-social behavior and the enforcement of rental contracts, each of whom works in a particular territory of the county and provides a number of services, such as: i. Rents of dwellings rented on differential rents shall be calculated in accordance with paragraph 3, as 15% of the eligible income of the main income, as well as a contribution calculated by any under-income in the household. When determining the rent in the case of a new or deferred lease, the eligible income is taken into account by referring to the family`s income situation at the time of signing the new rental agreement. The amount of rent paid by Council tenants is determined by Cork County Council`s differential pension system. Rents are calculated on the basis of total household income in such a way as to ensure that the amount charged to you is reasonable and does not cause undue financial hardship. Failure to inform the Board of all household income or a change in circumstances is a violation of your rental relationship. You should familiarize yourself with the content of your rental agreement, especially with Schedule 1.

The refusal policy under Cork County Council`s allocation programme also applies to transfer applicants. In the event of an emergency or exceptional medical/compassionate reasons, the Council may, when granting a rent transfer, waive any of the above conditions. If the tenant does not explain any change in the household income, he violates the provisions of his lease. Cork County Council takes responsibility for the repair and maintenance of objects affecting the structure of our properties, and tenants are responsible for other matters, including any alterations and additions made to the property itself. If there are repairs to be made to your home, first check if it is your responsibility to carry out the repair. Unnecessary calls for inspection of objects that are actually the responsibility of the tenant are charged to the tenant. If the item in question falls within the competence of the Council, you should report it to the Council. We will take care of your request as soon as possible. When an association of inhabitants is created, it is necessary to obtain the support of the Council: a general assembly in which all households can participate; Appointments/volunteers for the Committee (this can be done at the meeting).

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