Cisco Webex Data Processing Agreement

If users are spread across multiple countries, select the country with the highest number of users. Note that all users of the organization store their data on the associated GEOGRAPHIC site, including those not in that country or GEO. Hybrid Data Security allows organizations to manage encryption keys and other security-related functions in their own data centers. (b) a complaint or request regarding the client`s obligations and/or the rights of a person concerned under data protection legislation; Or the overall goal of data residency (formerly called data location) in Cisco`s webex teams is to keep user data in regional data centers corresponding to the organization`s location. Phase 2 of the offer is available to new organisations and offers the following high-level functions: “standard clauses” refers to the standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to a subcontractor outside the European Economic Area, in the form adopted from time to time by the European Commission; (b) provided training in legislation on the processing of personal data; And if you have users in different countries, select the country in which the majority of your users are. In order to maximize usability and minimize latency, data should be stored in data centers closest to most users. (b) provide, after notification, the information and assistance that the customer reasonably needs in order for the customer to report the breach of personal data to the information manager and/or the persons concerned in accordance with data protection legislation. (c) any other communication, directly or indirectly, relating to the processing of personal data under this agreement; and in all cases, MZ will provide without delay the information and assistance that the customer reasonably needs to respond and resolve the request, complaint or other communication within a time frame imposed by existing data protection legislation. “Customer data” is personal data (as defined in data protection legislation) that relates to or originates from the customer or his or her employees.

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